It Only Takes a Girl

Thousands of girls are taken out of school in developing countries. *This happens more than 25,000 times every day.* Their future becomes uncertain and this creates a rippling effect for generations to come. 

Some of these girls become victims of trafficking and are sold into slavery. Others are married off to older men. Thousands become pregnant in a year. They have no real education or job prospects.  Millions become trapped in a cycle of poverty that impacts their children and grandchildren to come. 

Without an education, a daughter, in some developing nations, is a burden for her family. She can be exposed to physical and psychological abuse. The cycle continues generation after generation.  Girls in third-world countries are too often overlooked, under-educated and neglected.  This leads to serious and tragic human rights problems every single day.

The video below shows why investing in girls should become our number one priority. When we care about and save girls, we change the world.  One daughter at a time.